Dr Bart Sayle

Dr Bart Sayle
London, UK & Newport, RI, USA
Dr Bart Sayle is a global authority in business culture, leadership and
innovation. A trusted advisor on vision and strategy; Bart has spent over twenty-five years working with the world’s top business leaders to build high-performance organisations with winning cultures that deliver
breakthrough results on a global scale. Over a hundred thousand business professionals have now experienced Breakthrough in more than sixty
countries. Bart has achieved notable success in companies such as Danone, Mars, Ferrero, Wrigley, T-Mobile, Nike, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble.

Dr Bart Sayle is a sought-after adviser, speaker and author. Speaking in over 30 countries around the world, Bart is known for his energising and
inspiring talks in which he shares his insights on culture, growth, leadership and innovation. Driven by a vision that the world of business can be much more effective, more creative and more purposeful for everyone. Bart has made it his mission to achieve this.